Artistic Ice Sculptures

An ice sculpture is a form of sculpture that is popular to all ages. As the name suggests, ice sculpture’s raw material is ice, and is made for functional or decorative purposes. Ice sculptures can either be realistic or abstract themed, and it’s mostly associated with special events – since they only have finite amount of time before the ice melts. Since ice is the raw material used, the lifetime of ice sculptures depends mainly on its environment’s temperature; for that, it is expected that this form of sculpture will last from minutes to possibly several months. Ice sculptures are quite a popular form of art at ice festivals, and are often held around the world, hosting many competitions when it comes to ice carving.

Creating an ice sculpture is not an easy feat. The length of time it takes varies and depends on various things (from planning it, down to producing & presenting it). At the same time, these factors all largely depends on the logistics of the event. Ice sculptures also come in different dimensions and each has their own usages. There are very small sculptures used for ice glasses, plates, etc.; then there’s small sculptures mainly used for table centerpieces. Apart from these two, there are medium-sized, standard, larger than life and giant ice sculptures. Each of them are used for specific purposes and events. You might also notice that there are ice sculptures which are cloudy or crystal clear; this is because their clarity depends exactly on how the ice was made and the type of artistic effect that the patron or artist desired. The ice that can be used for sculpting comes in three types which include basic canned ice, naturally made ice and crystal clear ice. Sculptors who are mainly concerned with the quality of the sculpture, mostly use the crystal clear ice that was made in a controlled environment. One of the reasons that ice sculptures are incredibly popular is the fact that its beauty can only be viewed in a limited time!